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About David

Welcome to David Dunne Art: Portrait paintings from the world of Music, Sport and Film.

From early childhood drawing people I admired was always something I enjoyed doing. It was only natural that when I started to paint professionally I would continue in the same vein by painting the people who have influenced my view of the world.

Like many people sport, music and film plays a huge part in my life and I try to connect to these influences through my paintings.

I welcome comments, questions and commissions.

Enjoy the art!

David Dunne


David Dunne was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Ireland in his early teens where he continues to live and work. David is a self taught artist who has been interested in art since early childhood. Painting portraits is where his artistic interest lies; particularly portraits of people who have had an influence in his life from the worlds of sports, music and film.

Developing a connection and a deeper knowledge of the person he’s painting, whether it’s through the subject’s music or sporting achievements, enhances each piece. For example, David explains, “After watching countless hours of footage of Muhammad Ali in and out of the ring you can’t help but be moved. It goes beyond looking at a reference photo and trying to reproduce a likeness.The more I feel I know about my subject the more it will show in my work.”

David’s painting are always accurately rendered with great detail. He works exclusively with pencil, brush and paint jumping from acrylics to oils depending on the mood and the look he is after. His subjects vary from Bruce Springsteen to Kurt Cobain, Muhammad Ali to Mario Lemieux, Marlon Brando to Clint Eastwood. He has been influenced by so many portrait artists over the years such as Niall O’Loughlin, Chuck Close and Sebastian Kruger, to name a few.

My Work

I work in both acrylics and oils and generally work on either stretched canvas or canvas board. All my paintings vary in size from as small as 25x25cm to 90x70cm but as I progress as an artist I intend to do larger pieces. I love the challenge and the outcome of the big pieces. I continue to the paint people from sport, music and film although from time to time I paint someone closer to home, be it a self portrait or a portrait of my father or girlfriend. I will continue to paint and improve as an artist because developing my craft is the most important thing to me. As Korean artist Joongwon Jeong said “Practising and perfecting my craft is as important as creating a good piece of art.”

Please contact me with any comments or questions.